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A Bold Vision for the Future

As a family business, we treat our staff and clients as part of our extended family and work hard to sustain long-lasting commercial relationships, some of which have spanned our entire history.

This means when purchasing our quality assured products or hiring our expert contracting team, you are investing in our family and our vision to make roads safer. Going the extra mile, we work with each of our clients to offer guidance, support and advice. Thanks to our rich heritage, commitment to innovation and meticulous quality control we are able to add long-term value to all of our projects.


Kelly Bros provide a complete approach to road safety. With a focus on quality and sustainability we offer services and products to help reduce hazards and danger on the roads. With over 50 years’ experience we have refined a unique process to manufacture and apply road marking products and anti-skid products. With a sustainable manufacturing plant with a capacity in excess of 300 tonnes per day, complemented by a fully trained and experienced contracting and surveying team working across Ireland and the UK, we’re committed to making roads safer – for everyone.

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About us


The founders of Kelly Bros have been working in the industry since the early 1950s. We boast over 60 years’ experience in road safety and innovation. We are proud of the history that has allowed us to work around the world, ensuring safety and performance for all road users. Working in challenging conditions and to the most exact specifications we have committed the past six decades to improving and perfecting our craft.

Our Irish heritage has influenced our commitment to excellence. Working to some of the highest road marking standards in the world, we have continually improved our products to exceed expectations. The first road marking company in Ireland to introduce internationally recognised standards, as well as the first to introduce the extrusion method, our commitment to innovation is a part of our heritage.

Our proud history and commitment to excellence sees us regularly on the roads, working with our teams to ensure we are up-to-date and fully immersed in the road marking industry. Whilst having ambitiously pursued company growth, we have never forgotten our roots and continue to incorporate family values into all our relationships and processes.


Our commitment to saving lives provides us with a clear vision, helping drive our product lines and services forward. With a genuine desire to make roads safer worldwide we are constantly seeking out the latest innovations and advances in technology, purchasing the highest quality raw materials and constantly refining the mixing and application process. We use 50 years of expertise to design and implement long-lasting road improvement. We use our manufacturing experience to assist with the challenges faced by contractors and provide additional help and support.

Our vision is to create safe and sustainable roads for users around the world.



The growth we have achieved in the last 50 years acts as testimony to the value we place on road safety and in helping drivers feel more secure. From our founding in 1957 our aim has consistently been to create a sustainable business. We believe in sustainability for next generation technology, next generation roads and next generation people – both ours and yours.

This sense of responsibility drives our product range and service line as we work to create rewarding jobs for our employees, create long-lasting safe roads and contribute positively to the environment. Over the years we have worked to cement our position: ensuring we have a business that can be passed down to future generations whilst guaranteeing our products provide for the needs of the future global community. We are proud of the contribution our family and team have made in creating roads that enable people to travel without fear or concern.

Looking to the future, we have invested heavily in our main manufacturing plant to create a model of energy efficiency that is built around our sustainable ethos. Based on our greenfield site in the heart of rural Ireland and our sites in the UK, we are producing innovative products powered by solar cells and wind turbines. With our unique approach we manufacture road marking products and anti-skid materials that are made to last and offer a completely sustainable solution.