Road marking products from our manufacturing plant can be customised to your requirements.

Safety features
Using our own expertly crafted road marking product, that is certified to the highest standards in accordance with IS EN 9001:2015 and the BSI Kitemark Licence, our road markings offer a guarenteed product of long lasting, sustainable road safety.

Our experience on many of the major road networks throughout Ireland and the UK, complemented by our customised fleet of vehicles and expert technicians, means we are able to advise on and provide road marking solutions to the highest specification, that help to save lives.

Road Markings

Road Marking

road mark

road markings


Car parks involve intricate planning and attention to detail to ensure the safety of users. To prevent any blockages or accidents it is important that lines and markings are absolutely clear.

With a range of solutions for indoor and outdoor car parks we can help ensure long-lasting surface markings that are in line with current legislation and uphold the latest standards.

We are perfectly placed to provide our clients with valuable advice and support on:

  • Product range
  • Parking restrictions
  • Special zoned areas
  • Traffic flow
  • Parking bays
  • General layout


Car Park

Car Park

Car Park

Car Park



Internal and external warehouse markings often require a more intricate design process to help to ensure the safety of your employees. At Kelly Bros we work with your team to design a marking map that will enhance your entire operation.

Safety features
Helping to ensure the health and safety of all your workers, our team can work with your staff to identify any potential hazards in your warehouse. By highlighting specific problem zones, such as parking bays, walkways, fire exits or danger zones, we can advise a clear strategy that will reduce the risks of this potentially dangerous environment, such as helping to control vehicle movements and keep pedestrians safe.

With a range of highly visible colours and quick-drying paints and road marking products, we offer an efficient service with minimal disruption.

Preparation by captive blasting/shot blasting available upon request.

red walkway

Internal Marking


With a focus on encouraging children to play outdoors, we can create dynamic and educational surface markings that are specially designed to get children active.

Our various courts and playground markings come in a wide range of vibrant colours and help to create safe and enjoyable areas for athletes and children alike. Our expertise can help develop any playground or sports court to provide a safe and enjoyable break or after-school activity.

Having worked with a number of schools and sports organisations as well as the Health Service Executive in Ireland, we have a wealth of experience in designing visually stimulating markings.

Playground Tennis


Given the high levels of traffic that pass through airports and train stations, markings on air and rail surfaces must be durable and visible, ensuring passenger and staff safety.

All our markings come with our trademarked safety and sustainability assurance and we are proud of our service that genuinely helps support and protect. Having worked with top aviation and rail authorities we have a wealth of experience and knowledge which is unique to the health and safety of this industry.

Using our custom-made products we offer a precise and accurate marking process for:

  • Runways
  • Platforms
  • Taxiways
  • General lines
  • Internal lines
  • Car park and grounds marking maintenance
  • Anti-skid (high friction) surfacing
  • Specialist surface coatings

Air and Rail

Air and Rail


We specialise in the application of durable, visible, high-performance road studs that improve road safety for all users. Road studs complement road markings and when applied together result in high-visibility markings in all weather conditions.

We use the highest quality road studs, manufactured to BS EN standards, approved by the Department of Transport. From permanent carriageway delineation to marking temporary traffic works, we are able to recommend, source and apply the right road stud. There is a wide range of stud type and reflector colour available, suitable for every application.

Road Studs