Author: Sinead Kelly-Barber

Launch of MMA cold plastic


This year Kelly Bros International have launched their new MMA cold plastic range of road marking and high friction products, BritePlast 100, BritePlast Plus & BritePlast Grip. Our BritePlast range are manufactured to BS EN 1871 under the BSI Kitemark Licence scheme, meeting the requirements of BS EN 1436:2018.

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We will be showcasing our BritePlast Grip product at this year’s Architecture & Building Expo at the RDS, Dublin

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Formulated to display all the outstanding features of our BritePlast technology, BritePlast Grip also offers exceptional anti-skid properties. BritePlast Grip comes in a range of colours and is specifically suited to bus and cycle lanes, walkways, car bays, traffic calming strips, road markings or general warehouse floor covering internally or externally. A quick-drying solution, BritePlast Grip ensures minimum disruption to pedestrian or motor traffic and is available in a number of grades for a truly versatile product

If you would like to see BritePlast Grip for yourself then please come visit us at the RDS on Oct 5th & 6th, you will find us at stand A13. Hope to see you there. Click the picture below to register.

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Growing in Business and Family…


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Last month we welcomed two new additions to the Kelly Bros family. Damien Kelly has a new daughter and Matthew Noonan has a new son.

Wonderful news and all at Kelly Bros are very excited to meet the new additions and hear of the babies’ progress.

It made me think back to when our parents set up the company all those years ago and how things have changed between now and then. Back then a gentleman’s handshake in a car park was all that was need to agree a site and the job was done in work clothes and any shoes you happened to be wearing – no health and safety to worry about.

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Job was done and invoice sent in and paid. There were no worries on order numbers or certificates to prove you could do the job. That handshake seemed to be more binding than any paper work.

A diary was kept with one line for a job showing the site, price, and a tick when invoice was paid so simple in comparison to the folders of paperwork needed now.

We have grown and Health and Safety laws have developed to protect us. Mostly we are grateful for the changes as accidents records are at an all-time low. Obviously, there are still the odd incident as things happen but these are mainly only minor bumped heads or twisted ankles.

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I wonder if Michael, John, and Brendan had any idea back then on how the roadmarkings business would evolve.

They were forward thinking men, roadmarking around the world, no job was too big. They would have set off to any part of the world and get the job done – that was all that had to be considered – keeping the customer happy was key. Although the customer is still our high priority, the way things have changed means keeping good records and documenting everything is key to a good business. More time is spent on keeping good records and documentation completed before we even get to the site. This has led us to get many certificates and recognition for Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety and our materials are rigorously checked to be of the highest standards.<p class=”align-left”>

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The company has grown from the early days, not only because of Health and Safety but also with the introduction of Variable Message Signs and Surveying equipment, we still strive to do the best and keep our customers happy and continue to grow in business and as a family.

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If you would like any help or advice on our industry please get in touch.