Celebrating 50 years of manufacturing excellence

We’ve come a long way since Brendan, John and Michael Kelly established Kelly Bros Roadlines back in 1972.

After launching in Ireland, the manufacturing arm of our business quickly grew in popularity – building and sustaining many long-lasting commercial relationships. Some of which are still going strong today.

As the first road marking company in Ireland to introduce internationally recognised ISO standards, it wasn’t long before our reputation spread further. Opening up opportunities to expand our reach across the EU and as far afield as Trinidad and Saudi Arabia.

An appetite for innovation has accelerated the development of the cutting-edge solutions at the heart of our product portfolio – from thermoplastic, cold plastic and anti-skid to waterborne and preform. We have also achieved accreditation from esteemed bodies such as BSI, BASt, AETEC, Nordic Cert, ASSHTO and CE.

Reaching this milestone is only just the beginning for our team here at Kelly Bros International. Significant investments into research and development may have taken us from 3 tonnes a day to 300 tonnes, from a one truck, one crew and one team in Monaghan more than half a century ago, to exporting to 15 different countries around the world today, but we’re not done yet!

Keep checking back to see where our journey takes us next, and get in touch today if you’d like to talk to our technical team.

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